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Archeology is simply the study of the human past by the analysis of material culture. It is the study of the prehistoric way of life. This is by taking into account things found concerning the people who lived then. The artifacts, architectural designs, bio facts and cultural landscapes go a long way to help archelologists in their analysis of the archeology finds. Many finds have given a good picture of how the past was like. The finds are still being made to this day. This is a journey into the past to discover how humans evolved and what led them to.

There are thousands of archaeology finds that have been made and dug up. The History of the Mayans has been a major buzz due to their association with futuristic science. It is said that they were way beyond their time. Their obsession with astrology was immense. Egyptology took a whole dimension of its own with the study of the Egyptian prehistoric way of life. The discovery of the Sphinx and the pyramids were revolutionary in the field of archaeology finds. The recent past has seen the discovery of more artifacts.

Funding these projects is not easy, and so is finding the money. The guarantee for the digs to pay off is a gamble. This has led to the use of more sophisticated methods to find the artifacts. Remote sensing, satellite imaging, field survey and research has gone a long way to ensure the right place is excavated.

Top Archeology Finds

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A rather striking viking boat burial was discovered in the West coast of Scotland. This was found in Ardnamurchan with a viking dated dead over 1000 years ago. This was the first burial recorded on land. He was found in a six foot grave with his sword, axe and other viking paraphernalia The finding of a settlement in the South of Jordan at the Wardi Faynan site changed the aspect of the prehistoric man. This was dated back to over 11000 years ago. The settlement was a pit dug, oval in shape and lined up with some strong muddy substance. The walls had held up this long. The abode was found with mortar and pestle for grinding among other items. It was proof of organized agriculture in the time.A rare Mayan Female ruler was discovered in Guatemala at the Nakum digging site. The tomb was facing East with precious artifacts. The tomb was decorated according to the royal designs that came with the lineage.Remains of the first domesticated dogs were found in Czech republic at Predmosti. The dogs which looked like they had the wolf origin dated over 33000 years ago. This is much further than the previous records and finds that dated 11000 years ago. The discoveries showed the dogs were much bigger and broad snouted. This were definitely not the average dogs.

Archeology finds are shaping the look of our past. Our ancestors had alot to do with the future as it is right now. The finds are not only exciting but an eye opener on how far the human race has come and a good lesson of how far it can go.

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