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Astrology is the study of celestial objects and having the belief that their movement influences the human behavior. It is not proved whether the above statement is true or not. It is a vast topic available for millennia. Earlier, astrology was verbal, later it was coded and written for others’ understanding and learning. There are many records discovered for the coded writing information after mankind’s origination. Hope, there are various other records which are buried inside the earth and still not discovered by anyone.
There are some pictographs available, but there are some difficulties in categorizing them either in terms of language or proto language. You may come across various articles and heard about the shells, bones or any cave drawings that are 30,000 or 45,000 years old. The dating of the ancient relics changes from one source to another. Among them, only a few relics are found with pictorial representations with dating details. It is very difficult to interpret the relics using only the pictorial representations without any written sources.
Astrology: Ancient Archeological Relics As Historical Records
You can check these archeological treasures online. When you search online, you will find many amazing relics details which were around the 29-day lunar cycle. Astronomy is dependent on lunar in earlier days since that were the only visible item in those days. The ancient people observed the galaxy, measured and derived theories, and created meaning for their observations.
But the modern educated and professional astrologers are treating the old record as buried treasures. Since there are no written records available for it, telling and retelling the stories over and over of period time has changed the truth.
The ancient people observed the changes that happened in the lunar calendar simultaneously the effects that happened to human beings. So they derived both astronomy and astrology. There were many scientist and astronomers found in those centuries. The archeological industry is focused on getting the ancient and hidden treasures out.

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