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One way to surprise people is to tell them that you are going to for an archeology vacations. The concept sounds strange because of the stereotypical association of the work vacations with resorts and cultural expeditions. After clearing the air, on the need and fun of going for such a vacation, here are some of the top destinations to consider.

Mayan Civilization Sites

Mexico City hosts an archeological museum that displays the lives and cultures of the original inhabitants of the area. It includes regular reenactment of the historical rituals of the people. The museum is very large and takes an adult a couple of hours to go through all its features. Also included in it is the Maya exhibition, known worldwide for its details representation of the Mayan civilization.
While in Mexico, about eighty miles from Cancun lies Talum, a secluded place that is an archeology marvel. It is close to Mayan ruins and provides many ancient civilization features to explore.

Shark Teeth Finds

 Beach holidays can be more than just sun and sand. A day at the beach can also serve as archeology vacations for learning about what happened thousands of years ago. Finding fossil shark teeth is an adventure in itself. The teeth sink to bottom of ocean after sharks loose them. After very many years, as the sea waters move back, exposure of the teeth happens and findings can then determine the number of years since their fall from a shark. Venice remains the cultural capital of the world but another gem about it is the availability of shark teeth on its shores. Those taking archeological vacations can go to its beaches early in the morning or just after a sea storm and collect dark sand and crushed shells. From the loot, people find dark brown, tan and gray triangular-shaped shark teeth that could go back millions of years.

Stone Age Excavation Site

For a hands-on archeological vacation that involves actual exploration, it is good to go to existing sites of excavation. The Council of British Archeology offers contact details of places that one can take archeology vacations. One of them is the Iain Crawford site found at Udal in Hebrides, Scotland. The site is accessible by ferry and has characteristic asphalt roads, treeless hills, and rolling dune grasslands called machair.
On arrival to the site, visitors get tour guides who provide a historical background of the area and answer questions from the visitors. The real fun begins when you get to an actual archeological dig and learn to trowel. The work has to remain neat and follow sills of colored sand in the soil. Visitors learn how to avoid trampling the finds of the excavation area and this experience connects them to the Stone Age times and its people.


Early Man Excavation Sites

The Rift Valley in Africa has many archeological sites that trace the life of early man on his way to Europe. From the Kruger National Park in South Africa, up to Lake Victoria in Kenya at the Homa Peninsula tourists can find various excavation sites. For example, the Oldowan stone tools were the earliest form of human stone tool industry known. The 3700 fossils and 2900 artifacts at the Olduvai Gorge in Kenya, east of Lake Victoria form the biggest known collection of Oldowan artifacts. Excavation continues today and it is possible to take archeological vacation in the area to understand the origin of man.

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