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Forbidden archeology, a book by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson has attracted a lot of controversy and attention globally. The book’s anti-Darwinian theory has really attracted negative comments from so many sources. Many of these reviews misrepresent the contents of the book while some of the reviews have recognized the scholarly contribution of the book. This post looks at some of the reviews that have been posted in academic journals.

Journal of Field Archaeology (1994)

This journal acknowledges the challenge that the authors have given to the dominating views on human origin. They admit that the volume has given evidence about their eBook from archaeological records. The evidence given in this book is what has been accepted by the masses and also controversial records that have also been recorded.

British journal for the History of Science (1995)

As recorded in this journal in 1992, Tim Murray posted that he is sure that there will be a lot of people that will benefit from the substance in the book. He acknowledged the useful case studies that have been included in the book to boost scientific knowledge in the field. He went on to say that his information will boost the debate in the field of archaeology.

Social Studies of Science Journal (1996)

Forbidden Archaeology

Jo Wodak and David Oldroyd go ahead to give reasons as to why Forbidden Archaeology has made significant contribution to the field of Science. They go ahead to say that the authors of the book had a chance to bring out the details which had not been brought to the fore before, and also that the two authors bring out the lack of proper evidence in claims of truth in scientific claims.

American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1994)

Jonathan Marks comes out candidly in this journal to support the authors in their quest to bring out the nature of the human race as a great antiquity and that the book brings out the fact that in the ancient times, human beings and their ape-like counterparts coexisted for many years. He talks about the various generalizations that have been made in the field of archaeology and what the book brings out by looking at the hoaxes, exceptions, paradoxes and mistakes that have not been explored before.

Ethology, Ecology, and Evolution (1994)

This journal talks of the fact that the book brings out the view that Homo sapiens existed millions of years ago. The journal lauds the book for bringing out the facts that have been suppressed or ignored by many scientists because the views contradict what many people in the world have been made to believe. The authors of this book have come out to prove the theory of human evolution using evidence that has been left out in many studies.

Creation/Evolution Journal (1994)

Wade Tarzia, in this journal, has argued that humans who are anatomically similar to the modern man existed millions of years ago. He goes ahead to give support to the substance in the book by saying that conventional archaeologists have filtered information and left out so much that they don’t want to avail to people. The evidence ignored has been there for millions of years and this information has been collected by these authors to make it available for the masses.

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