Repurposing Shipping Containers – Durable Solutions!

Adaptable, Repurposed and Durable : Alternative Uses for Shipping Container

How Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation Came Into Being?

The Jones Point was at a time used for many, many things. One of which was as the home of the Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation. Here’s the story of its origination. When World War I came around, the existing shipyards in the US could not produce the number of ships required. It meant a lot of private shipyards came to standing under the Emergency Fleet Corporation. The Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation of Alexandria was just one of the many.

It was built by Charles Wyman Morse. A shipping magnate from New York who was later known as a financial scam artist too. At the time of operations, the shipyard was known as a modern marvel that employed almost seven thousand workers in a span of three years. The shipping yard had:

  • A new rail spur.
  • Roads.
  • Housing for workers.
  • Four large shipways.

It was built by infilling the Battery Cover at Jones Point. In three years, it built nine cargo ships. All of them were the first steep ships to sail down the Potomac River. The corporation shortly went belly-up after allegations of fraud.
Why did we tell you a story of shipyard made in 1921? Because we are concerned with the outcome of a defunct shipping yard or corporation. Ever wondered what happens to the tons of shipping containers that the company uses? This writeup elucidates the numerous ways shipping containers can be repurposed. Here – Check Out – the benefits of shipping container homes.

Image of a Shipping Container Building Design - Part Office
How Shipping Container Can Be Repurposed?

In recent years, Shipping Container Manufacturers have made the idea of repurposing them very popular. They are utilised in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They are employed to make whole units or as part of a bigger building. Extending the useful life of a shipping container is just one reason they are being reused. Some of the others are:

  • They add a touch of coolness to the building.
  • They are greener methods of construction.
  • Because they are built to IMO standards, they can hold 55,000 pounds while being stacked one over the other nine times. It means they make extremely durable space.
  • They are weather-proof and can withstand the harshest of environments.
  • They are secure because they are hard to break in.

All these characteristics have made them highly tempting for a lot of other applications. Let’s take a look at how containers are being converted for more use.

  • Pop-ups are the most common conversions of shipping containers. Businesses who need a space for seasonal sales or promote an upcoming product need a temporary area. Shipping containers make for excellent tools like a pop-up. From bars to boutiques, from coffee café to start-ups, anyone can utilise a converted shipping container. Chances are you would have already seen an F&B business using one in your area.

Image of Converted Shipping Container Into Modern House Design

2 More Applications Of Converted Shipping Containers

Most often in construction, but a lot of business require temporary office spaces. For example, contractors on job sites need an area where they can set up a desk and chair for work, but they also need it to be mobile. Converted shipping containers are fantastic temporary offices because:

  • They are easy to set up anywhere.
  • They are durable and can withstand the rough conditions of construction.
  • They can be relocated by simply lifting it by a forklift and placing it elsewhere.
  • They don’t need a ramp or stairs to access when setting up on the ground.
  • Electricity and plumbing can easily be added without much thought over the location!

Shipping containers were made to store things and transport them overseas. Therefore, it stands to reason that they make incredible storage units. This is the third popular repurpose of shipping containers. By sampling installing a roll-up door which is easy to open and some shelves and lighting, it makes for reliable storage space!

Modified shipping containers can be converted to retail stores, homes, offices, swimming pools, etc. There is no end to their versatility as long the designing condition is met.

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