What Items Are Considered To Be Archaeology?

By definition, archaeology is the study past human activity, primarily through the examination of environmental and material data, including artifacts. Now, that said, what is an artifact? Well, that is defined as something made or given shape by man. So, in other words, archaeologists can extract information regarding how humans lived in the past by studying objects that run the gamut.

A glass bottle? Sure. Maybe men drank beer from bottles that featured a shorter neck than they do now. Is there a reason behind this? That’s for archaeologists to deduce. Or perhaps diggers excavate items that resemble construction work signs or ancient traffic signs.


Did ancient civilizations have a need for traffic signs? Well, not in the literal sense in regards to cars, but who’s to say a drawing of a stampede of 1,000 mammoths on the face of a mountain didn’t imply a similar meaning?

Items uncovered by archaeologists don’t have to meet a specific height or weight requirement. Nor do they have to hold any specific meaning, as it relates to our modern culture. Archaeology is all about discovering the manner in which our ancestors lived, and any object that helps further unlock that mystery is considered a great find.

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