Archeological Society of Virginia

Archeological Society in Virginia

Volunteers from the ASV have been the backbone of research and salvage in the Commonwealth for over 50 years. Members of the Society have participated in, or initiated research on hundreds of excavations during the past half century.
Members of the ASV come from all walks of life. Many of our members had little or no formal training in the science and art of archeology before they got involved with a local Chapter of the Society. Although the Society boasts a large number of professional archeologists, the majority of the Society’s most active members, including a majority of the Board of Director’s and the elected officers are amateur archeologists. Herein the title of archeologist is used to describe anyone who participates in archaeological survey, excavation, analysis, or discourse in order to increase their own knowledge, knowledge of archaeology in general, or for the shear love of doing archeology. Amateur archaeologists participate in archaeological projects for a wide variety of reasons. The term ‘volunteer archaeologist’ is sometimes used to describe professional archaeologists who are spending their personal time participating in projects. Anyone with an interest in archeology, history, or old things is invited to join the Society. No prior knowledge, skills, or aptitudes are required, although an enjoyment of being outdoors is recommended.
archeological societyThe Society is a strictly volunteer organization. None of the officers, board members, or support staff get paid for the time they contribute. The money that the Society brings in from dues, book sales, contributions, etc. is used to bankroll field projects, procure additional volumes for sale, and support the minimal infrastructure of the Society. Artifacts are NEVER sold or purchased in the name of the Society.
The Society was founded in 1940 and is a member of the Society for American Archaeology, the Virginia Association of Museums, and the Preservation Alliance of Virginia.

The Society seeks to promote the knowledge of archeology through public education. The Society’s Constitution states six major goals:
Promote the study of archeology and anthropology, especially, but limited to, the prehistoric and historic periods of Virginia.
Work for the proper conservation and exploration of archeological sites and materials.
Encourage the scientific study of archeological sites and materials and discourage careless, misdirected or commercial collecting of artifacts.
Promote the spread of archeological knowledge through the media of publications, meetings, lectures, exhibits, etc.
Collaborate with other organizations and agencies that serve the same purposes as those of this Society.
Serve as a bond between the individual members and as a link with similar organizations in other states.
As of December 31, 1999; the Society boasted 881 members, including 119 new members for the quarter. Ninety-two colleges, libraries and/or institutions have subscribed to the ASV to recieve the Quarterly Bulletins and Newsletters. individuals and institutions, primarily in Virginia.

The ASV is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax qualified organization. Donations to the ASV are fully tax deductible to the extent permitted by the tax code.

The ASV Constitution includes more information about the objectives, aims, and goals of the Society. Please ‘click’ on this paragraph to view the complete text of the Constitution and Bylaws.
Current slate of ASV Officers

Michael B. Barber — President
Joel Hardison — President Elect
Royce McNeal — Vice President
Teresa Prestion — Secretary
Russell E. Darden — Treasurer

Past Presidents (ASV Board)

Harry Jaeger (1999-2000)
John Sprinkle (1997-1998)
Charles S. Bartlet (1995-1996)

ASV Board of Directors

Albert Pfeffer III – Joey Moldenhauer – Lyle Browning (2000-2002)

E. Randolph Turner – Martha Williams – William Thompson (2001-2003)

Edward Bottoms – Michael J. Madden – Faye M. Wade (2001-2003)

Quarterly Bulletin Editor — Ted Reinhart

ASV Newsletter Editor — Jack Hranicky

ASV Webmaster — Michael Fang Barber

Please send constructive criticisms, suggestions, comments, etc. to Fang Barber. Fang can be reached via email ([email protected]) telephone (804-977-7050 FREE) or fax (804-923-0035).

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