Demographic Facts About The City Of Virginia

City Of Virginia

Virginia is the eastern state of the United States, and it is the 35 largest union based on the land mass. The city is densely populated, and its population has increased considerably in the recent years. The latest census reveals that the state’s population has reached the eight million mark.

The following article offers inputs on the Virginia demographics so that you get to know about the state.


As per the latest census report was taken in the year 2010, the population of the state was stated as 8,001,024. There was a considerable increase in the population compared to the previous census taken by the state in the year 2000. There is sustained and substantial growth in the population of the state. It is said that that the population would reach nine million in the next census in the year 2020. It is also evident that there is an increase in the residents of 800,000 every decade and this would increase the population to 10.5 million within the year 2040. The percentage of men in the state is 55.5%, and the percentage of the female is about 46.3 %.

Other Facts

Virginia is one of the densely populated states of the country. Nearly one-quarter of the people of Virginia work for the government of the United States. Almost half the population of the state resides within proximity to the capital city of Virginia.

Growth Rate By County

The population of the counties has seen both gains and losses in their population. There is a balanced mix in the people of the various counties of the state. There were both increasing and decreasing populations in the city. Some of the counties of the state are Russell, Wise, Giles, Bland, etc.

populationRace Population

This state is a habitat for various races of the world. The population of white is about 5,712,958 based on the census report of the year 2010. There are nearly 1,596,352 Black Americans. The city also gives habitat for Asians who are 502,878 in numbers. There is a minor population of American Indians and others races from all over the world.

Educational Inputs

White people possess higher school graduation compared to other races. The bachelor degree rate is also more for the white people. The average earning of the state is about $41,573. The male average earning is about $50,028. The female average earning of the state is about $34,834.


Nearly 84.47 % of people of the Virginia state speak English. The remaining percentage of people speaks several other languages. The other popular language of the state is Spanish, and nearly 6% of the residents of Virginia speak Spanish.


Nearly 11% of the population of the state of Virginia is under poverty. The black people are the more in poverty compared to the other races of the State. The poverty rate seems to decrease for people who work full time where the poverty rate increases for people with no work.

Virginia Beach

This is the largest city of the Virginia state with a population of 460,000. The city is considered as the 45th largest city of the state.

The above are some of the demographic information of the city of Virginia.

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